Beat the heat!

Okay guys. So we all know by now that I like to be creative. So here are some super creative ways I have found to beat the heat in this so called 'Heatwave' that is hitting England or if you are lucky enough to live in a hot area then this is for you to! So here we go...

Creative ways to beat the heat

1) Put ice in front of your fan!- This 'cool' and inventive way of cooling your room if your fan isn't doing enough helps increase the windchill factors in your room.

2) Wet a cotton bandanna and put it on your head or neck!- I understand this sounds crazy and insane when it comes to leaving the house. I'm sure there is some way to start making it look better?

3) Make your own ice cream!- Seriously, go all out. Make it amazing! Mix crazy flavors. Be the new Ben & Jerry's.

4) BBQ instead of oven cooking!- It's BBQ season people! Not eating in the house will mean less heat in the home. Less heat means more cool... but you know that.

5) Lose the shoes!- Take them off! as the sweat evaporates on your feel the blood vessel pump blood around to other parts of the body causing a greater sensation of coolness

6) If you think you're cool... You are!- No seriously, reading about the cold or thinking of the cold will cause your body to believe that you really are!

7) Ice on pressure points!- It's great. Put Ice into a bag and rest them on your pressure points or run them under cold water. It really cools you down!

8) Take the chance to adventure!- Go camping. In a tent or under the stars. Embrace the warm air! Even if it is in the back garden! Be adventurous!

Have you got any creative ways to beat the heat? Let me know in the comments! Keep hydrated guys! 

The Academic

I understand this is a bit out of the ordinary for me but anyway. I have started listening to this new-ish band named The Academic. They are a group of really nice lads who create some awesome music! The lead
guitarist is my good friend Tyler Adams. The lead singer is named Pete Rapp with Ollie Edwards on bass and Phil Horton on percussion. Tyler told me

"It started as me and Ollie jamming together in Primary school when we were both hopeless rookies. All the way through secondary school me and Ollie would meet up and jam for lengths of time I don't care to mention. Then, he went to a different secondary school. Did that stop us? No, our passion for music was just amazing." - Tyler Adams

They are a really good group of close netted friends who just love to rock. That's is good thing with bands like this. They are doing it because they love it. They have passion for music and how they produce it. You can find there soundcloud here:

The story of how the band started is a nice one. In the words of Tyler here is the story:

"Ollie then met Phil who had never even picked up an instrument before. He was round Ollie's once when I happened to knock at his door with my guitar. Me and ollie jammed for a bit and Phil used pencils and a desk to keep a beat. He showed great rhythm. We would meet up and play Xbox (me ollie and Phil) and then me and ollie convinced Phil to take up drums. He has shown amazing progression in the year her has been playing. Then, as we needed ideally a 4th member, Ollie asked Pete. Pete had experience with a previous band that didn't work out, and knows how to sing." - Tyler Adams

From the quotes you can see that they are just a group of guys who meet up, play Xbox and make music! It's worth checking them out!

"We have been jamming on and off for months now, and with summer hitting us all with boredom, we have put use to our talent and free time and created something exiting." - Tyler Adams

You can check them out on:

Twitter: @theacademicband
FB page: /theacademicmusic 

Music that stimulates creativity!

If you are looking for advise to start being creative and living a creative life here is one of my main tips:
Music plays a large part in creativity. Creativity is a huge part of my life! From creating artwork to writing my book. So I rely hugely on the power of music to trigger certain emotions.

I find it almost amusing that music can bring you to tears and then back to laughter within minuets. To be honest I really wish I could sing. Alas, I can't. So, my advise. Harness this power of emotion that music can bring. It can stimulate creativity and, in turn, lighten your mood.

I use Spotify a lot. It gives me chance to choose music that really suits what I am going to write or draw. It definitely helps with writers block as well. I would suggest music that you could listen to but you really need to pick songs that you love and you think will help create mood swings. That sounds strange. Most the time you want to prevent them.

To conclude:

  • Harness music
  • Spend as long as you need choosing the right tracks
  • Create mood swings (I suggest not to the point of creating arguments)
  • Let your mind do the rest!
Good luck!
“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” 
― Victor Hugo

Pretty Little Fashion... Aria Montgomery

I said I liked the show Pretty Little Liars, and I do, but I love the fashion more. If you follow the series you will of heard of the beautiful Lucy Hale who plays Aria Montgomery. Aria is a beautiful young girl in a very strange situation. The point of this is to focus on her fashion in the series.

I love her style, it's so edgy and different. Shes very out there. I like to choose aspects of her style and use them myself for example how she uses prints against each other in the form of scarfs and dresses. I have noticed that in the show they use a lot of dresses, which is very hard to do in England. Accessories are the main things that make Aria, Aria. Don't be afraid to go out and choose very edgy necklaces.

Make-up is key for Aria. Smoky eyes in neutral colours make her eyes pop. Pink is used on her lips to help focus on her eyes.

He hair, when down, is in very loose curls. To create this you should use a large barrelled curling iron and space the curls out randomly.
Dresses are used tonnes with really nice printed tights.
If you are looking for tips for how to dress like Aria here's a few of my own:

  • Don't be scared to mix prints- Shes so out there, break your comfort zone
  • Don't worry about standing out- She wants to make a statement, So go all out!
  • Eyes are key. Pick colours that suit your eyes
  • Curl, curl, curl!
  • Accessorise away!

All in all. I lover her fashion! If you want me to do more on Pretty Little Liars fashion ask away. More Bookdates and fashion posts soon!

Au revoir!

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.