Bookdate #1

Bookdate. It's an update, on my book. If you get it. Good. I lack originality. Well. Bookdate #1... I am halfway through this book like I said but I thought you would all like to know a bit about it so here I go.

My book is a fiction novel. I've almost decided on a title. It's either going to be Forbidden or The Soul Of An Angel. Its based around a young girl named Amber who moves from England to America and gets caught up in a whirlwind of random activity. When she is confronted by a unknown man she quickly learns that she has a task to complete she can hardly believe what it entails. With her quick wit and intelligence she quickly reveals the source of the issue and has to face the reality of what is happening in the messed up town of Tranceford.

If you have any ideas about names then comment because I am stuckkk! I will keep you Bookdated about when it gets sent to the publisher and then when it is released. Any questions I am here to be asked! I hope you decide to keep reading!

Inspiration is key! Adios amigos!

Blogging, Writing, Fashion.

I almost think that blogging is a way that I can keep myself on track and record life while I'm still young. A way I can interact with others and inspire people in the things that I love. At the moment that is not a lot. I'm half way through an original book and by the end of the year I hope to have that seen off to a publisher. I want a way to get my name out in the world, I want to be known. And if I can achieve that by inspiring others I would love to!

I'm an avid writer and I love to reflect the way my emotions are put through a book in my fashion sense as well. I'm different. I don't really have a style. I love to DIY trousers into shorts and wear big belts with just about anything. I spend most my time debating what colors I want my hair but usually end up with a dip dye because I'm scared I wont like it. Bright floral prints and shorts seem to be my type of thing. I can't grow my nails so I end up with false ones and I spend a lot of time trying out different designs. If you watch Petty Little Liars I aim to base myself on Arias fashion but with my own twist. If you don't watch Pretty Little Liars... Start. Now.

I would love to be an actress. I know that sounds quite typical for a girl who is about to turn 16, but I do. I'm all for being someone your not and being able to portray another person. I've had no previous training but hey. If you know someone who is looking for a teenage girl to act in England mention my name!
Just to finish up I want to share with you my one main motto:

Success doesn't come to you…you go to it.