Pretty Little Fashion... Aria Montgomery

I said I liked the show Pretty Little Liars, and I do, but I love the fashion more. If you follow the series you will of heard of the beautiful Lucy Hale who plays Aria Montgomery. Aria is a beautiful young girl in a very strange situation. The point of this is to focus on her fashion in the series.

I love her style, it's so edgy and different. Shes very out there. I like to choose aspects of her style and use them myself for example how she uses prints against each other in the form of scarfs and dresses. I have noticed that in the show they use a lot of dresses, which is very hard to do in England. Accessories are the main things that make Aria, Aria. Don't be afraid to go out and choose very edgy necklaces.

Make-up is key for Aria. Smoky eyes in neutral colours make her eyes pop. Pink is used on her lips to help focus on her eyes.

He hair, when down, is in very loose curls. To create this you should use a large barrelled curling iron and space the curls out randomly.
Dresses are used tonnes with really nice printed tights.
If you are looking for tips for how to dress like Aria here's a few of my own:

  • Don't be scared to mix prints- Shes so out there, break your comfort zone
  • Don't worry about standing out- She wants to make a statement, So go all out!
  • Eyes are key. Pick colours that suit your eyes
  • Curl, curl, curl!
  • Accessorise away!

All in all. I lover her fashion! If you want me to do more on Pretty Little Liars fashion ask away. More Bookdates and fashion posts soon!

Au revoir!

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.


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