Beat the heat!

Okay guys. So we all know by now that I like to be creative. So here are some super creative ways I have found to beat the heat in this so called 'Heatwave' that is hitting England or if you are lucky enough to live in a hot area then this is for you to! So here we go...

Creative ways to beat the heat

1) Put ice in front of your fan!- This 'cool' and inventive way of cooling your room if your fan isn't doing enough helps increase the windchill factors in your room.

2) Wet a cotton bandanna and put it on your head or neck!- I understand this sounds crazy and insane when it comes to leaving the house. I'm sure there is some way to start making it look better?

3) Make your own ice cream!- Seriously, go all out. Make it amazing! Mix crazy flavors. Be the new Ben & Jerry's.

4) BBQ instead of oven cooking!- It's BBQ season people! Not eating in the house will mean less heat in the home. Less heat means more cool... but you know that.

5) Lose the shoes!- Take them off! as the sweat evaporates on your feel the blood vessel pump blood around to other parts of the body causing a greater sensation of coolness

6) If you think you're cool... You are!- No seriously, reading about the cold or thinking of the cold will cause your body to believe that you really are!

7) Ice on pressure points!- It's great. Put Ice into a bag and rest them on your pressure points or run them under cold water. It really cools you down!

8) Take the chance to adventure!- Go camping. In a tent or under the stars. Embrace the warm air! Even if it is in the back garden! Be adventurous!

Have you got any creative ways to beat the heat? Let me know in the comments! Keep hydrated guys! 


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