The Academic

I understand this is a bit out of the ordinary for me but anyway. I have started listening to this new-ish band named The Academic. They are a group of really nice lads who create some awesome music! The lead
guitarist is my good friend Tyler Adams. The lead singer is named Pete Rapp with Ollie Edwards on bass and Phil Horton on percussion. Tyler told me

"It started as me and Ollie jamming together in Primary school when we were both hopeless rookies. All the way through secondary school me and Ollie would meet up and jam for lengths of time I don't care to mention. Then, he went to a different secondary school. Did that stop us? No, our passion for music was just amazing." - Tyler Adams

They are a really good group of close netted friends who just love to rock. That's is good thing with bands like this. They are doing it because they love it. They have passion for music and how they produce it. You can find there soundcloud here:

The story of how the band started is a nice one. In the words of Tyler here is the story:

"Ollie then met Phil who had never even picked up an instrument before. He was round Ollie's once when I happened to knock at his door with my guitar. Me and ollie jammed for a bit and Phil used pencils and a desk to keep a beat. He showed great rhythm. We would meet up and play Xbox (me ollie and Phil) and then me and ollie convinced Phil to take up drums. He has shown amazing progression in the year her has been playing. Then, as we needed ideally a 4th member, Ollie asked Pete. Pete had experience with a previous band that didn't work out, and knows how to sing." - Tyler Adams

From the quotes you can see that they are just a group of guys who meet up, play Xbox and make music! It's worth checking them out!

"We have been jamming on and off for months now, and with summer hitting us all with boredom, we have put use to our talent and free time and created something exiting." - Tyler Adams

You can check them out on:

Twitter: @theacademicband
FB page: /theacademicmusic 


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