*Enter amazing and witty blog title here*

Right... In response to my complete and utter lack of creativity and skill at them moment I thought I would put it all into a recorded message that you can all watch because I know deep down we are all really really lazy and reading takes so much time!

So here it is... Me drinking coffee and explaining it all.

I'm just asking for help! Gah. Internet.

I love you all! Help would be amazing! Emily and her (Now under-active) brain out!

If found. Call me!

This is me. Stuck in my box. I hate my box. Bad box. No.
Hey guys, I have had a pretty bad week. I love to write and create and do these amazing creations then show them the world, but I have run into a few problems.

A few weeks ago I did a post about creativity and how to become more creative. I've lost my creativity! I know. I'm crying too... Do you wanna help? Because I have been in such a pickle!

Here's what I ask from you. How do you get creative? How do you inspire yourself? Or if you have any cool ideas then comment them and I will see if they lead to anything bigger for me!

Not even joking. I have had bloggers block. Writers block and video block all in the space of one week. It sucks! But I'm hoping that if you guys can help me out then I will slowly become my creative self again!

I have had one idea. I want to make a music video! So if you own the rights to any music can you leave me the links below or message them to me in Hangout I would be so happy!

It is my birthday very very very soon so I will be doing a post around that time! So I will talk soon!

Don't forget to comment. I'm relying on you guys! See you on the flip side.