How to speak internet | The internet dictionary

After spending some time reading other blogs and browsing all over the internet I have come to an interesting discovery. What is this discovery, I hear you ask? The internet has developed a dictionary of it's own. On this post I will be taking you through a few of the new and old internet phrases so that you can catch up on the latest internet vocab.

The Internet Dictionary | Part one
(Dun dun dun)

For part one let's start simple and not jump straight into the dark vortex that's almost impossible to escape-

LOL- This does not mean 'Lots of love' Many a time have I seen it been used as this when a fish has died or a family member. It is in fact 'Laugh out loud' However most the time you don't really laugh...

HML- This stands for 'Hate my life' There are many alternatives including FML and LML

BRB- 'Be right back' I think I first used this on Windows live messenger when I was 9. That was so long ago!

K- The deadliest of all the internet slang. If you get K'd you are in big trouble. K originates from the word 'Okay' however in this form they are not okay.

Wuu2/Wuut/Wyut- The common phrase used by lazy people who can't be bothered type properly. used to say 'What you up to?' Because apparently that's far to much effort for our generation to type out...

ASL- This isn't used as often anymore. It was mainly used when chatrooms were huge! However now not so much. It stands for 'Age, sex, language' Quick and easy. Extremely creepy...

Sort- Used by male teenagers a 'Sort' is a way of describing a girl. I was baffled when I first heard about this phrase but apparently it can be used both sarcastically and with meaning. It is a 'Nice' way of describing a girl if not used sarcastically however if a guy ever called me a sort I would not hesitate to slap him.

LUV- This is pretty obvious... It means love. But what I will never understand is why it is almost impossible for someone to shove an 'O' in there. It's not to much effort!

This is just the tip of a very deep iceberg. Big enough to sink the Titanic 100 times over. Leave me suggestions for me to do in a part two and I will see you soon! (I mean it this time!)