Music that stimulates creativity!

If you are looking for advise to start being creative and living a creative life here is one of my main tips:
Music plays a large part in creativity. Creativity is a huge part of my life! From creating artwork to writing my book. So I rely hugely on the power of music to trigger certain emotions.

I find it almost amusing that music can bring you to tears and then back to laughter within minuets. To be honest I really wish I could sing. Alas, I can't. So, my advise. Harness this power of emotion that music can bring. It can stimulate creativity and, in turn, lighten your mood.

I use Spotify a lot. It gives me chance to choose music that really suits what I am going to write or draw. It definitely helps with writers block as well. I would suggest music that you could listen to but you really need to pick songs that you love and you think will help create mood swings. That sounds strange. Most the time you want to prevent them.

To conclude:

  • Harness music
  • Spend as long as you need choosing the right tracks
  • Create mood swings (I suggest not to the point of creating arguments)
  • Let your mind do the rest!
Good luck!
“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” 
― Victor Hugo


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