The Academic. New release!

Okay guys so as you know I have been following the band, The Academic. I am pleased to announce that they have not one... not two... But three original songs released on their Soundcloud now. If you haven't got the link it's below:


The song "Glassjaw" has such an addictive bass line. It's stuck in my head! The guys have done yet another amazing job. It's literally one of the only things I play on my Soundcloud.

The second release is "What are you waiting for?" It is another great song by the guys on the addictive Soundcloud album. and it is a bit more mellow than "Glassjaw" and it's also stuck in my head. The songs are to catchy guys!

If you haven't already, in which case get out from under that rock your hiding under, go and check them out! They deserve the views they get and I'm going to follow them straight to the top!

All my luck guys! Not that you need it...

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"People once told me that music with guitars was going out of fashion and I had to laugh"- Frank Turner, Plain sailing weather


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