Music Monday! Kirsten Evans

Kirsten EvansI have realized that I am reviewing music a lot therefore I think it will be a good idea to start a little series about music I've been listening to, subsequently creating Music Monday!

Well, this week I have been listening to the amazingly talented Kirsten Evans. Her time in the recording studio definitely pays off! I'm addicted to her Soundcloud! She writes a lot of her own stuff including Shadows, Special One and Bird. All of which are overly addictive.

When she was recording her first song, Bird. She was given the opportunity to have a video made for her. You can see a little of the footage on her Facebook page linked below. She hopes to have the full video out soon.

She deserves all the attention she gets from her amazing talent. It's unbelievable that a girl can sing like this! I would really appreciate it if you would all check her out as this weeks Music Monday star.

You can find her-


Facebook page-

While I have you all here I would like to take the opportunity to tell you that I now also have a Facebook page and a Twitter specially created to go along side this blog. You can see them both up on the top bar. Thanks!


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