How do I start being healthy?

So, I suggest tea. To clarify I am not typically British! I am on one of those 'long lasting' heath kicks (Lets be serious. This will only last. What? Two weeks?) So I was browsing the internet for ways I can start eating healthy and start looking after my body more and I came across the wonders of herbal teas.

Now, you are probably thinking "Egh, herbs? Emily what are you going on about? Oh no!" Don't panic! You would really be surprised at how amazing they are. Hot water is a great way to help detox your system and not only help you feel better about your self but make you look better to.

But here is the great thing. Some of these herbal teas have medicine type ability's!  For example Elderflower tea is proven to cure colds as is Thyme. Peppermint is used to stop nausea and vomiting.

Here's the bit you want to see. But before you read. I am not promoting mega weight loss or that you should lose weight because to be honest. I think everyone should be comfortable in the skin they have. This is about becoming more healthy. But anyway:

  • There is only 2 calories in herbal tea (other than Chamomile)
  • There's no fat in it
  • Only 0.47g of carbs in one cup
I think the best tea for me is Peppermint or Lemon and Ginger but if you go to your supermarket you can find some amazing flavors and even some fruit teas! I will say it again. I am not typically British I swear!

So yeah. Tea.


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