Bookdate #1

Bookdate. It's an update, on my book. If you get it. Good. I lack originality. Well. Bookdate #1... I am halfway through this book like I said but I thought you would all like to know a bit about it so here I go.

My book is a fiction novel. I've almost decided on a title. It's either going to be Forbidden or The Soul Of An Angel. Its based around a young girl named Amber who moves from England to America and gets caught up in a whirlwind of random activity. When she is confronted by a unknown man she quickly learns that she has a task to complete she can hardly believe what it entails. With her quick wit and intelligence she quickly reveals the source of the issue and has to face the reality of what is happening in the messed up town of Tranceford.

If you have any ideas about names then comment because I am stuckkk! I will keep you Bookdated about when it gets sent to the publisher and then when it is released. Any questions I am here to be asked! I hope you decide to keep reading!

Inspiration is key! Adios amigos!


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