On the cheap. Photoshoot

Hey there! I love doing thinks on the cheap. Going out into sales and finding great deals is really fun to me! So recently I was invited to model for my friend to start collecting photos for her college portfolio. So since I really enjoy doing things like that I automatically agreed to the offer and headed over to her house.

We spent the day sorting out outfits and makeup and getting me ready. Eventually, after several photos we were done and she got busy editing them. I have been waiting a while to show you them and she just sent them over. So here we are... I'm going to show you the top two!

I love this photo! The Skirt was £19 pound from Newlook, The top was £8 from Primark and the crop top was £3 from Newlook. I wore my hair in a tight fishtail plait (Not easy with thick hair) and I wore simple winged eyeliner. The black and white effect is what I like about this photo. I like simple.

We then ventured outside into her back garden in a new outfit. This time wearing brighter colours! You can clearly see my dipdye in the curls which is great! My dress is a Primark dress and it was only £12. The belt was £4 from Newlook. I wore my hair in tight curls with a poof at the front and simple eye make-up with a bright lip.

All in all I loved the day and the Photos turned out awesome! Thank you so much Katie for taking these!

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