Max factor and Rimmel London Haul!

Hey there! When it comes to make-up it's very hard for me. My skin is far to sensitive and it's difficult to find brands that don't make me break out! Obviously, everyone has a different face type and if you keep trying you will eventually come across a brand that is good for you!

In my case Max factor and Rimmel are my saviors! So I thought I would take you through the best products from Max factor and Rimmel that I have and what I think about them. (Sorry about the quality of some photos... I smashed my camera)

My first product is powder. I have two types (Both from Rimmel). The one on the left is the Stay Matte pressed powder with natural shine control in shade 002 Pink blossom, £3.99 from boots. I do like this powder however I find it is far to pink for my skin color so I don't use it that often.

The powder on the right is the Clear Complexion clarifying powder with natural minerals in shade 021 Transparent, £3.99 from boots. After getting the first powder I thought a transparent powder would be better for my skin type and now I swear by it! I don't find it heavy like other powders.

My second product is once again Rimmel. This mascara is the Glam eyes Lash Flirt volume and lift mascara in 001 Kohl black. It can be found in boots for £7.19. I find this mascara amazing! It doesn't clump at all and it separates my lashes nicely. The only downside to this product would be how flexible the brush is. I keep bending it every time I put it away.

My final Rimmel product is the Exaggerate eye liner in 001 100% black which can be found for £5.29 in Boots. I love this product because I have really got on with it. I never used to wear liquid eyeliner because I found the brush to be to bulky and bendy so I could never get a straight line. When I was suggested to get this I was hesitant. If you are a first time liquid eyeliner person I suggest this.

So, moving on to Max factor. This is the Max factor Flipstick colour effect in shade 15 Boreal mauve. £6.49 at Boots. I really this flipstick. Unlike most lipsticks I have tried this one stays on for at least half a day and doesn't even fade. It has a metallic tone to it that look great when the lighter shade is worn. I don't really have bad points to it. It is an all round great product!

My final product from Max factor is the amazing CC Colour correcting cream. This one is in shade 50 Natural. This crazy perfect foundation is my must have product! It's perfect to wear over the summer since it is so light and contains an SPF 10. Most foundations I use either irritate my sensitive skin or clog my pours. But since I discovered this I cant fault it! I would highly recommend to anyone!

Well thank you all for reading and Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel because my next video will be released soon!
See you next time!


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