If found. Call me!

This is me. Stuck in my box. I hate my box. Bad box. No.
Hey guys, I have had a pretty bad week. I love to write and create and do these amazing creations then show them the world, but I have run into a few problems.

A few weeks ago I did a post about creativity and how to become more creative. I've lost my creativity! I know. I'm crying too... Do you wanna help? Because I have been in such a pickle!

Here's what I ask from you. How do you get creative? How do you inspire yourself? Or if you have any cool ideas then comment them and I will see if they lead to anything bigger for me!

Not even joking. I have had bloggers block. Writers block and video block all in the space of one week. It sucks! But I'm hoping that if you guys can help me out then I will slowly become my creative self again!

I have had one idea. I want to make a music video! So if you own the rights to any music can you leave me the links below or message them to me in Hangout I would be so happy!

It is my birthday very very very soon so I will be doing a post around that time! So I will talk soon!

Don't forget to comment. I'm relying on you guys! See you on the flip side.


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