5 Things I love this summer

Okay guys! I have had a strange summer with the weather over here. Sometimes its blazing hot and other times its like I'm living in the middle of a storm! So I have had a lot of time spare since I have left school and I have found a lot of things I just love to do. So, in not particular order here are some of the things I love this summer! (So Far)

1. Watching the movie Hairspray.
Okay. No judging guys... I have got the movie soundtrack on my Spotify. I watch it at least 4 times a week. I know every word. I'm obsessed. In fact. I'm listening to Big Blonde and Beautiful right now. Just stop looking at me with those judging eyes...

2. Going to the beach.
Slightly obvious, but still crucial! Cycling down to the beach and just laying there for a couple hours really clears my head and boosts my creativity. It also stops me watching Hairspray. Unhealthy obsession... Gah.

3. YouTube.
Yes... Talking to a camera. I love it... It's so much fun! Getting to talk about what I love to other people who love it. It's great! It also takes me away from the TV so I can't watch Hairspray. Is it such an unhealthy obsession? Yes? Damn.

4. Blogging!
You. Yes you reading this line. You have made my summer. Finding joy in the one thing I love. Writing! I get to connect with you guys and I'm slowly growing my own little family and community! Plus I can go on about how much I love Hairspray and you wont judge to much! Fine. I'll shut up about it... soon.

5. Old music!
I have found myself in love with music like All Time Low- Lost In Stereo and All American Rejects- Gives You hell and Dirty Little Secret. All off which are on Spotify! Under a playlist labeled "Hairspray" I wonder what that's got in it. Nope. No idea...

So there is the 5 things I love about summer (So far)! Updates coming soon! Facebook and Youtube links are on the top bar! Check them out and like and subscribe! Don't forget to follow me on here to!


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